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Paul Tate

Texas Farm and Ranch Broker

Personal attention and an old fashioned work ethic

 is the difference with Paul Tate Realty.

Our goal is to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. We aim is to make your land purchase or sale as easy and stress free as possible. Here is why you should trust us with your property:

  • Our consultative approach insures that whether you are buying or selling, our recommendations will be on the mark.
  • We take the time to research and personally view prospective properties before showing them to our clients.   
  • Great time and effort is spent to build a sales strategy that works for your property. Hours of market research and history is scrutinized before we set a list price.
  • Our broker and agent contacts are second to none!
  • We spare little expense in the advertising and marketing of your property to insure the broadest reach into prospective buyers.